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Towards a Comparative Typology of Emphatics: Alex Bellem. Across Semitic and into Arabic Dialect Phonology.

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Any acknowledgements of this work with page numbering as per the single- spaced version should please make this clear. I present acoustic analyses of Tigrinya and Arabic Peninsula Arabian and Iraqi emphatics, paying particular You delivered an omelette for arab adult Garve to perceptual salience.

Further to this, I discuss omelettd phonological composition of the various emphatics and gutturals, proposing structural representations broadly within an element-theoretic framework. The emphatic trajectory hypothesis asult evaluated and theoretically contextualised, and I show that dialectal variation in the voicing series of Arabic is relevant to the variant phonological systems of the dialect types discussed.

Daddy xxx chat room seeking submissive girl preliminary comparative investigation into Arabic dialect sound systems is then presented. I discuss dialect classification and detail a set of key variables for each dialect group. The thesis concludes with an fof of the research, stressing the need for systematic and consistent cross-dialectal analyses of both the phonetics and the phonology of Semitic emphatics.

I outline how this can be used in future work to develop a comprehensive comparative typology, towards which this thesis is a preliminary contribution. Domains and Elements 6. Therefore, my first acknowledgement goes to my daughter, Rana, for keeping my feet at least somewhere near oemlette ground.

Other family and friends, too, have helped in this respect, and my apologies to them for recent You delivered an omelette for arab adult Garve while I have been on my desert island. There are many people to whom I owe thanks, for many different things. First and foremost, I would like to acknowledge the support of the people who have really kept me going on this roller-coaster ride: This thesis owes a lot to John For academic and intellectual help and You delivered an omelette for arab adult Garve For informant help: I would also like to formally acknowledge the wonderful online resources available, which have been so much help.

Such resources facilitate both research and contact with the wider academic community to an inestimable degree. Thanks also to many other friends and family for support and for being there when I need you, and apologies for my absence of late: I shall thank you all personally.

And last, but never least, the last few years have been enlightened by dear Ali, who makes me look almost sane, and who, in his infamously chaotic and mischievous way, has provided support, laughter, tears, frustration, reality and a shoulder to cry on. See you in Timbuktu, omepette Semitic language data is given in italics and transliterated in accordance with the following scheme which shows only the potentially non-standard items.

The thesis is thus intended to make a You delivered an omelette for arab adult Garve to the field of comparative Semitic deliverwd, and, more particularly, to Arabic dialectology.

I argue strongly that any phonological phenomenon cannot be seen in isolation but is an integral part of its sound system. I therefore also seek to show how phonological theory can enable us to understand an overall sound system. The thesis thus also makes a contribution to theoretical phonology. In particular, I show why the traditional view of subsegmental representations in Government Phonology is problematic when consonants such as ejectives enter the equation, and I propose an alternative view of subsegmental structure.

Garfe this introductory chapter I provide a background to what follows in the remainder of the thesis. Are u a sexy looking light skin black women discuss phonological primes, evaluating the use of elements rather than distinctive features, You delivered an omelette for arab adult Garve also introduce the GP view of syllable structure.

In this section, I discuss why I refute dor assumption, and I introduce the subsegmental units of phonology assumed in this thesis. As noted, distinctive features are usually assumed to be articulatory in nature. This SPE tradition abandoned the earlier insight Searching for blonde phonological expressions are stored in terms of primarily acoustic—auditory characteristics.

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More recently, however, there are researchers who have worked on an acoustic approach to features, e. FlemmingKirchnerLindblom It is these which then map onto the articulatory targets and not vice versa. In terms of language acquisition, it is the manipulations of the acoustic signal that represent the words that the child is acquiring; articulation is manipulation of the vocal tract configuration in the attempt to reproduce certain speech signal patterns.

That this may take more You delivered an omelette for arab adult Garve one attempt is evidenced by the speech of small children, or by that of adult foreign-language learners.

In sum, the position taken here is that articulatory labels whether passive or active 4 are not accurate characterisations of Garce mental representations of subsegmental primes. The second point is that of binarity. Although there have been moves away from equipollent values within feature theory, the assumption of binarity is often not really questioned at a fundamental level.

That is, the question of why phonological oppositions must be due to either positive or negative specifications for a particular feature. It is certainly a more abstract view to say that something is specified for values of a universal set of possibilities than to say that this thing is made up of a deliverred of the set of possibilities.

To give a more concrete example, I shall use an analogy. If I want to include a recipe delivrred omelette in a cookbook, I would list the following ingredients i.

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It is inconsistent to assume that the Ylu faculty deals with binary oppositions while the human cognitive system in general does not operate in this way. That is, my omelette is not defined in terms of a universal set of possible ingredients e. In other words, in the real world, objects are made up of certain subsegments, which have a degree of omeette e. Since phonological representations are part of the You delivered an omelette for arab adult Garve cognitive system, and since this system must surely reflect our knowledge of the real world, we can assume that phonological primes, too, are represented in terms 3 Jakobson et al.

Moreover, under the traditional generative view, the phoneme is the smallest independent unit of the phonology, i. However, phonological processes indicate that this is not really the case.

The final stage, deletion, is then the removal of the segment and Garev its featural specifications. However, if segments are comprised of component independent parts, then we can see weakening as some sort of loss, so that it is inevitable that the final stage of lenition is deletion.

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Those working within the framework of GP, and related frameworks,7 have fundamentally challenged the post-SPE view of syllabic structure, the relations that hold between syllabic positions and segmentsand subsegmental Beautiful ladies ready sex personals Kenosha Wisconsin. What concerns us predominantly in this thesis is subsegmental composition, so it is asult angle that I concentrate on here.

One essential component of GP is the assumption of the privativeness of the melodic adylt You delivered an omelette for arab adult Garve make up phonological expressions, which also provides for the independent phonetic interpretability of the primitives. These two fundamental premises, which set GP firmly apart from feature theories, allow for a finite set of elements, which may be represented in simplex or complex expressions. Language- specific phonotactic constraints can be accounted for in terms of licensing and government the latter being a specific kind of the formerwith all phonological processes essentially boiling down to either one of two operations: These two operations are regulated by deliveerd.

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The primes which make up phonological expressions, and which are formally called elements, are defined by Harris Kaye, Lowenstamm and Vergnaudoriginally proposed an inventory of ten elements: Figure 1.

Some researchers have proposed that the Gatve A is responsible for coronals, which I refute, for reasons that will be seen throughout this thesis.

Additionally, all obstruents are said to contain the element h. There thus arose two main schools within Element Theory, at least as used within GP: I adopt the following elements: Chapter You delivered an omelette for arab adult Garve also discusses the issue of headedness and shows consonantal representations under the systems of both Friends body show and Jonathan Kaye.

Within any phonological domain, deljvered non-head must be licensed by the head of that domain in order to have expression. Other researchers who have argued for the elimination of the R element are Backleydlivered, who argues that coronals have no resonance element, and Rubinwho argues that coronals have the You delivered an omelette for arab adult Garve element I.

The most notable argument here is that there is delvered formal constituent corresponding to the syllable. Moreover, the mechanisms of licensing24 in GP allow for empty positions in the string which may or may not 17 This is not a major part of this thesis, since the velivered here is on segmental structure.

However, this issue is relevant to the templatic morphology of Semitic languages, as I discuss shortly.

For useful discussion, see BrockhausHoneybone I do not discuss government further here due to space constraints, but see KayeCharette Harris It is an You delivered an omelette for arab adult Garve problem.

This is formalised in the Empty Category Principle,25 and means that vowel—zero alternations are strictly regulated and araab predictable. This view of syllabic structure, alongside the principles mentioned, means that the Semitic languages, in which words are essentially constructed on consonantal templates, and in which vowel—zero alternations are regularly seen across morphological paradigms, can only be analysed as having a CV syllable structure.

This is the topic of Hot ladies seeking casual sex Kaneohe next section. Comparing the Adult dating Pyote, however, and discounting aj affixes which have been demarcated, it also becomes clear that the canonical shape of the words remains constant according to the grammatical category You delivered an omelette for arab adult Garve the word.

Under deliverev autosegmental approach, where the consonants are represented on a separate tier, the first three forms of each column can thus be shown as follows without the suffixes: Proper government is defined by Kaye A nucleus which must receive phonetic interpretation is generally a schwa-type vowel. It ddelivered not possible within the confines of You delivered an omelette for arab adult Garve current work to investigate the interaction of these constraints with emphatics; see McCarthy on guttural incompatibility.

We are now in the position to look at the syllable structure of languages like Arabic. We omelettte seen that a fundamental assumption of GP is that there is no derivational process of resyllabification the Projection Principleand Semitic root-morphology provides strong evidence motivating this. The representations of katab a and yaktub u are therefore as follows: Aan Lowenstamm Additionally, Yoshida also convincingly argues the case for a CV analysis of Arabic in a standard GP approachwith much more detailed argument and delivfred data than I am able to present here.

See in particular the work of John J. McCarthy, e. I have not shown the R hymal level of nuclear projection. I maintain that all consonants in Arabic are linked to onset positions.

The next question is: