Tired of mundane vacations? Want a different experience and meet exciting new people? Then our Xtreme Getaways are for you.  We combine all our Xtreme Sports and provide them in unbelievable, off the beaten path places.  Best part, Get 5 Friends to come and you come FREE!

All our Xtreme sports in one Xtreme place. In the space of 1 week - you will get a chance to swim with Whale Sharks, spear fish your own dinner, explore and camp on a remote Island, downhill mountain bike some world class trails, consume the freshest ceviche, relax in a natural hot spring with the sound of the waves crashing, snorkel amongst bioluminescence, Flyboard above and Scuba* below the Sea of Cortez and make friends for life.

This package includes:

  • All the Xtreme Sports you can handle,
  • Transportation to and from SJD airport, and all local transportation
  •  Accommodation - in Luxury tents, upgrades available.
  • All meals and welcome party included.
  • White sand beaches, clear blue water.
  • Experience an abundance of marine life.
  • Expert instruction and local guides to give you the Xperience of a lifetime.

Packages Starting at $1979.00 Bring a friend and save $100 each. Bring 5 friends and come for free!

*Small additional fee applies for these activities.


Xtreme ports meets fitness meets survivor!. We divide people into teams and every day brings a new challenge. Our courses will push your limits all the while having the time of your life. After the challenges you are free to experience all our Xtreme Activities - so much fun - it sure beats running on a treadmill!

Our all-inclusive packages include:

  • Transportation, lodging and food
  • Group Challenges in Paradise
  • Yoga and Meditation Classes
  • Kiteboarding lessons
  • Flyboarding (jet propelled board over the water)*
  • Spearfishing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Sailing
  • Zorbing
  • Snorkeling with Whale Sharks
  • Scuba Diving*

Only $2179 per person. Bring a friend and save $100 each.  Bring 5 friends and come for free!

*Small additional fee applies for these activities.


Set sail on a luxury yacht and spend the day exploring the Sea of Cortez by kite. With the boat sailing alongside as a rest and support vessel, we will kite the endless blue waters of the Cortez, seeking out butter flat waters, secret islands and beaches. Finishing your sunset sessions with perhaps fresh ceviche, or a beach BBQ with fresh caught lobster, with nothing to do but dream of where the next day will take you. This will be a dream kite vacation.

Our all-inclusive packages include:

  • Professional kite instructor for advance tricks and tips.
  • All meals and drinks.
  • Luxury beach camping accommodation.
  • 50ft Beneteau Yacht for support and homebase.
  • Daily drone footage.
  • Supplemental activities.

$1970 per person, bring a friend and save $100. Bring 5 friends and come for free.

*Small additional fee applies for these activities.