Are you tired of staring at yourself in a gym mirror?  Bored of literally running in place on a treadmill and seeing the same walls day in and day out?  Are you becoming unmotivated and unchallenged with the monotony of gym life?  You are not alone. So many people lose motivation and give up on their goals simply because they do not enjoy the gym as much anymore.  

Fitness and exercise should be FUN, SOCIAL and most of all REWARDING. These are all aspects of Xtreme Fit. You will not need your iPod when outside and in a zorb ball or flying high above the water on a flyboard all the while constantly working your core. Every workout with Xtreme Fit and every activity is different and adapts to the scenario the outdoors brings whether it be the activity we are working or the location we are at. It’s always different and that’s what makes it successful and so much fun.  So much fun in fact you don’t even realize you are working out.   Imagine burning hundreds and hundreds of calories without even knowing it as your adrenaline takes over.

Xtreme Fit is committed to helping our clients to enjoy exercise and support the theory that outdoor exercise has a huge beneficial effect, physically and emotionally. Not only does being outdoors make you feel better, the variety of exercises that can be undertaken out on the planet.  All the while you will be giggling non stop as you burn incredible amounts of calories and build core, arm and leg strength.

On our flyboard, your core will be put to the test.  You will be controlling 180 horse power of water jet force with your core and leg muscles under a constant strain.  It is like trying to balance on a log in the water while flying over it.  It is very safe and you will get flying on your first session.  You will feel like a superhero while getting one of the best and most rewarding workouts of your life and offers a much different workout than the usual gym environment. Variety in classes, coupled with being outdoors, is a better motivator to continuing with a program.

There is nothing holding you back to come and try a session with us outdoors. We believe you will be ecstatic with the difference. You will meet new people, enjoy new challenges and you will be more motivated, working out more muscles than ever before.  

We know you will enjoy Xtreme Fit so Much we are willing to knock off 30% on your first session.  We Dare you to try our Xtreme Fit packages below.  

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