Kiting is similar to wakeboarding but instead of the boat pulling you, imagine that you have the power in your very own hands in the form of a wind powered large kite. The beauty of this sport is that once you buy your kiteboarding gear, the wind and water and are free!

Basically the kite is tethered to the rider via a waist harness and controlled or steered using a control bar in the hands of the rider. The kite can be flown in specific patterns to generate greater power or can be used to allow the harnessed rider to jump or fly through the air. These huge kiteboarding kites can be dangerous in the hands of a person lacking instruction. Taking lessons with a certified instructor and learning the proper safety techniques is a must.


We have partnered with KGB Kiteboarding, the Bay Area's premier school. At KGB Kiteboarding we are proud to offer a variety of International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) certified instruction for all levels. Lessons at our kiteboarding school range fromTrainer kite lessons (beginner) to Advanced private instruction, for ages 15-80. Lessons are either on land, at the beach or open water depending on the lesson plan selected and the local conditions. We use only the latest and safest in kiteboarding equipment and radio helmets.

Our teaching methods and lesson plans are safety oriented and very progressive. All lessons are led by certified instructors who strive to develop safe and independent kiters using the latest techniques. These experienced and certified instructors have knowledge, patience, and an ability to communicate effectively. Each of these are essential to our safe and fun learning environment. We can safely get you kiting quickly, saving you time and money for your new gear.

Also, don’t forget check out our incredible Kite Camps in multiple areas around the globe!!

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