One of the most beautiful regions in the world, the San Francisco Bay Area is home to an abundance of breathtaking places...

There is a little of everything in the Bay Area, including cascading Mountain regions, Vast inlets, Bays and waterways, rolling hills, beautiful parks and of course, San Francisco itself.  

Imagine exploring San Francisco while a kite pulls you, a Flyboard propels you, a boat sails you, rolling through in a Zorb ball, or blasting on a jet boat.  Xtreme Xcursions has it all in San Francisco and we are the center for extreme sports in the Bay Area.

Don’t forget to explore our Xtreme Fit page where we fuse some of our activities into an unforgettable workout routine that will keep you coming back for more.  


Are you tired of staring at yourself in a gym mirror? Bored of literally running in place on a treadmill and seeing the same walls day in and day out? Are you becoming unmotivated and unchallenged with the monotony of gym life? You are not alone. So many people lose motivation and give up on their goals simply because they do not enjoy the gym as much anymore.