Baja California

Baja, the earth’s second-longest peninsula, offers over 1200km of the mystical, ethereal, majestic and the untamed. Offering stunning views at every turn, people are friendly, relaxed and helpful – even in the border towns. Side roads pass through tiny villages and wind drunkenly along the sides of mountains. Condors carve circles into an unblemished blue sky. Some people simply sip drinks and watch the sun disappear into the Pacific. Let Xtreme Xcursions guide you to the rush of adrenalin as we Kiteboard along the coast, surf that perfect wave, and go offroading across the desert plains. All the while surrounded by gorgeous canyons as we stare up at the night’s canopy of the most beautiful stretch of blazing star lit sky in the world. Whichever way you choose to take it, you’ll discover some of Baja’s many joys.

Join us for an experience of a lifetime just north of Cabo San Lucas on the sea of Cortez, home to an abundance on marine life.   XX offers amazing kite boarding on crystal clear waters, spearfishing tours, fly board over manta rays, Sand board down sand dunes, swim right next to whale sharks, light zorbing at night on the water while curious fish swim up to you.   We offer daily tours during the winter months and dont forget check out our Epic Extreme Camps running from November through March.

Overnight Pro Kite Clinic Baja, Mexico!

Book an amazing kite adventure - sail & kite the Sea of Cortez aboard a luxury 50ft Beneteau yacht all under the supervision and instruction of a pro-kiter from Best Kiteboarding. 4 people max - so bring your buddies! All inclusive & setting sailing from La Paz


Are you tired of staring at yourself in a gym mirror? Bored of literally running in place on a treadmill and seeing the same walls day in and day out? Are you becoming unmotivated and unchallenged with the monotony of gym life? You are not alone. So many people lose motivation and give up on their goals simply because they do not enjoy the gym as much anymore.